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"The Closer You Get"
performed by ALABAMA

G F C C D|Em Em D|C C D|Em Bm Am C/D

The Closer You Get,[G]
the further I fall.[C]
I'll be [Am]over the edge now [D]
in no time at [G]all. [D]
I'm fallin' [G]faster and faster and faster
with no time to stall.[C]
The Closer You Get,[Am] [C/D]
the further I fall[G]


verse 1:
[C]The things that you say to me,[D]|[Em]
the look on your face, [D]
[C]brings out the man in me.[D] [Em]
Do I see a trace[Bm] in your eyes[Am] of love?[C/D]

(repeat chorus)

verse 2:
Could I be dreamin'?
Is this really real?
'Cause there's something magic,
the way that I feel in your arms tonight.

(repeat chorus)
---goes into the bridge---
[C/D] the further I fall[C]

[C]keep fall-[D]in', oh, yeah [C]yeah, keep fall-[D]in'.
[C]mmm fall-[D/C]in', oh, yeah [C]yeah, I'm fall-[D/C]in'.
[C]Yes I'm fall-[D/C]in' [C] [D/C]
(Yes I'm fallin')
(yes I'm fallin')
[C]Yes I'm fall-[D/C]in' [C] [D/C]
(Yes I'm fallin')
(yes I'm fallin')
[C]Yes we're fall-[D/C]in' [C] [D]
(yes we're fallin')
(yes we're fallin')


Angels among us

[G]I was walkin' [D/F#]home from school
[Em7]on a [C (add D)] cold winter day,
[G]took a short cut [Em7]through the [C (add D)]woods
and I [D]lost my way.
[G]It was gettin' [D/F#]late, [Em7]and I was [C (add D)]scared and alone.
[G]Then a kind old [Fm7]man took my [C (add D)hand, and led [D]me home.
{sung:}[C (add D)]mama couldn't see [Bm7]him,
but [C (add D)]he was standing [D7]there,
and [C (add D)]I knew in my [G/B]heart
he was the [C (add D)]answer to my [D7]prayer.

Oh, [G add A]I be-[Em7]lieve there are [Am7]Angels A-[D7]mong Us,
[G add A]sent down [Em7]to us from [C add D]somewhere up above.
[D7]They come to [G add A]you and [Em7]me in [C]our darkest hours[D7]
to [C add D]show us how to [Bm7]live
to [C add D]teach us how to [D7] give
to [C add D]guide us with a [D7]light of [G]love.

G Bm7 |C add D D7 |

Verse 2
When life held troubled times
and had me down on my knees
there's always been someone
to come along and comfort me
a kind word from a stranger
to lend a helping hand
a phone call from a friend
just to say I understand
Now ain't it kind of funny
at the dark end of the road
someone light the way with just a single ray of hope.

repeat Chorus

[C add D]They wear so [Bm7]many faces,
[C add D]show up in the [Bm7]strangest places
and [C add D]grace us with their [Bm7]mercies [Am7]in our time of [D7]need.

repeat chorus

then repeat, "to guide us with a light of love"

G |C |D7 |G


Dixieland Delight

[G] Rollin' down-a backwoods
Tennessee by-[D]-way
[Em]One arm on the [C] wheel
Holdin' my [G] lover
With the [D] other
[Em]A sweet, soft Southern [C] thrill
Worked hard all [Em] week
Got a little [D] jingle
On a [Em] Tennessee Saturday [C] night
Couldn't feel [G] better
I'm to-[D]-gether with my [Cm] Dixieland Delight[G]

Cho:Spend my [D] dollar
Park in a [Em] holler 'neath the mountain moon-[C]-light
Hold her [G] up tight
Make a little [D] lovin'
A little turtle-[Em]-dovin' on a mason-Dixon [C] night
Fits my [Em] life
Oh, so [C] right
My [Cm] Dixieland De-[G]-light

White-tail buck deer
Munchin' on clover
Red-tail hawk
Sittin' on a limb
Chubby old groundhog
Croakin' bullfrog
Free as a feelin' in the wind
Homegrown country girl
Gonna give me a whirl
on a Tennessee Saturday night
Lucky as a seven
Livin' in heaven
with my Dixieland Delight


If you're gonna play in Texas


chorus 1:[A] If you're gonna play in [E]Texas,
You [D]gotta have a fiddle in the [A]band.
That lead guitar is hot,
[E]but not for [D]"Lousiana Man".[E]
So [F#m]rosin up that [E]bow for "Faded Love"[D]
and let's all [A]dance.
If you're gonna play in [E]Texas,
You [D]gotta have a fiddle in the [F#m]band.
F#m E D D A A A A

verse 1:I re-[A]member down in Hou-[E]ston
we were [D]puttin' on a show[A]
When a cowboy in the back[E] stood up and [D]yelled,
"Cotton-Eyed [E]Joe"!
He said, "We love[A] what you're do-[E]in'.
Boys[D] don't get us wrong[A],
There's just somethin' [E]missin' in your [A]song.

(repeat Chorus 1)

verse 2:So we dusted off our boots and put our cowboy hats on straight.
Them Texans raised the roof when Jeff opened up his case.
You say y'all all wanna two-step. You say ya wanna doe-si-doe.
Well, here's a fiddlin' song before we go.


Roll On

Chorus 1
[E]Roll On highway, Roll On a-[A]long.
[E]Roll On daddy till you get back [A]home.
[E]Roll on fam'ly, Roll On [A]crew.
[E]Roll On mama like I asked you to do.
And [F#m]Roll On Eighteen [B]Wheeler, Roll On. [E]

E | A |E | A

verse 1
[A]Well it's Monday mornin', he's kissin' mama goodbye.
He's up and gone with the [C#m]sun.
[A]Daddy drives an eighteen wheeler,
and he's off on a midwest run.[E]

And three sad faces gather 'round mama.
They ask her when daddy's comin' [C#m]home.
[A]Daddy drives an eighteen wheeler,
and they sure miss him when he's [E]gone.

Climb 1:
Ah, but he [A]calls 'em ev'ry [G#m]night and [F#7]tells 'em
that he loves[B] them.
He taught 'em this song to sing:

(repeat chorus 1) afterward, key changes from E to F

F |F Bb

verse 2
[Bb]Well it's [F]Wednesday evening.
Mama's waitin' by the phone.
It rings but it's not his [Dm]voice.
Seems the high-[Bb]way patrol has found a jack-knifed rig
in a snowbank in Illinois.[F]

But the driver was missin',
and the search had been abandoned
'cause the weather had ev'rything [Dm]stalled.
And they had [Bb]checked all the houses and the local motels;
when they had some more news they'd call.[F]

Climb 2:
And she told [Bb]them when they [Am]found him to tell [Gm7]him
that she loved[C] him.
And she hung up the phone singin':

Chorus 2:
[F]Roll On highway, Roll On a-[Bb]long.
[F]Roll On daddy till you get back [Bb]home.
[F]Roll on fam'ly, Roll On [Bb]crew.
[F]Roll On mama like I asked you to do.
And [Gm]Roll On Eighteen [C]Wheeler, Roll On. [Dm]

[Dm]Mama and the children will be [Am7]waiting up all night long,
thinkin' [Bb]nothin' but the worst is comin'
with the ring-[F]in' of the telephone.
Oh, but the [Dm]Man upstairs was list'nin'
when Mama [Bb]asked him to bring Daddy home.
And when the [Gm]call came in, it was Daddy on the other end,
[C]askin' her if she had been a-singin' the song, singin':

REPEAT Chorus 2, but instead of Dm at the end of "Roll On Eighteen Wheeler,
Roll On", make it an F.

F | Bb |
[F]Eighteen whee-[Bb]ler
[F]Eighteen whee-[Bb]ler
[F]Eighteen whee-[Bb]ler
[F]Eighteen whee-[Bb]ler----(hold until finally "roll on!")
Bb |Fm/Bb
[F]Roll On!


She and I

She and I live in our own little world
don't worry about the world outside

Gmaj9 (this sounds right to me)
She and I agree
She and I lead a perfectly normal life
D D7
Ah but just because we aren't often seen socially
Gmaj9 E7
people think we've got something to hide.
But all our friends know we're just a little old fashioned
She and I

Oh ain't that great
aint it fine
to have a love someone that others can't find
D E7 G
Aint it wonderful to know all we ever need is just the two of us
She and I

so wonderful
She and I

She and I share with every body else
the same wants, needs and desires
She and I save
She and I pay on everything we acquire

Ah but just because we aren't often seen separately
people think we live one life.

Its hard for them to see how anyone could be as close as
She and I


Tennessee River

verse 1: [A]I was born across the riv-[E]er
in the moun-[D]tains where I call [A]home.
Lord, times were good there. Don't know [E] why
I ever roamed_[D]____[A]

Chorus: Oh, Tennessee [A] River and a mountain [G6] man,
We get to-[D]gether anytime we can[A].
Oh, Tennessee River and a mountain [G6] man,
we play to-[D]gether in Mother Nature's band[A].

A A A G6 G6 D D A

Verse 2: [A] Me and my woman's done made our [E] plans
on the Tennessee [D] River, [C] walkin' hand in hand [A]
[G] Gonna [G#] raise a fam-[A]ly, Lord, settle down [E]
where peace and [D] love can still be [A] found.

(Extra Lyrics)
This mountain king, 's done left his throne
On the Tennessee River and his mountain home
But I'm goin' back, leavin' today
to my homeland, so far away

Drivin' down to Dixie, wastin' no time
Back to the good life I left behind
Goin' to the river with my fishin' line
I'm on Lookout Mountain about suppertime




Song, song of the South,
Sweet potato pie and shut my mouth.
Gone, gone with the wind,
Ain't nobody lookin' back again.

Cotton on the roadside, cotton in the ditch,
we all picked cotton but we never got rich.
Daddy was a vetern southern democrat,
they oughta get a rich man to vote like that.......(singin')


Well somebody told us that Wall Street fell,
but we were so poor that we couldn't tell.
Cotton was short and the weeds were tall,
but Mr. Roosevelt was gonna save us all.


Well momma got sick and daddy got down,
the county got the farm and we moved to town.
Papa got a job with the TVA,
he bought a washing machine and then a Chevrolet.




Brought to you by - CPMacDonald