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I Wouldn't Change You If I Could
By Ricky Skagg
Words and Music by Arthur Q. Smith & Paul H. Jones
I (F)wouldn't change a sin-gle thing a-bout (C)you if I could
The way you are just suits me to a (F)"T"
A prin-cess in a sto-ry book
A (C)king up-on his trone
That's what we are, and you be-long to (F)me
I (Bb)would-n't change you if I could (C)I (F)love you as you are
You're (Bb)all that I could wish for
If I (F)wished up-on a (C)star
An (F)an-gel sent from heav-en
You're (C)ev-'ry-thing thats good
You're per-fect just the (Gm)way you are
I would-n't (C)change you if I could
(F)Your eyes, your lips, your ten-der smile
I'd leave (C)them as they are
And come what may I'd nev-er change a (F)thing
And if I were a pot-ter
And (C)you a piece of clay
The on-ly thing I'd change would be your (F)name
Ricky Skaggs

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